Persona 3 Reload | Dogmatic Tower weakness

On floor 143 lies the Mudon Passage, signaling the arrival of formidable bosses in Persona 3 Reload. Among them is the Dogmatic Tower, resembling familiar tower-like adversaries but proving to be quite a nuisance in battle. Fortunately, the Dogmatic Tower does have a weakness.

What is Dogmatic Tower’s Weakness in Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, the Dogmatic Tower is vulnerable to Electric attacks. However, it is accompanied by two Immoral Snakes, which are susceptible to Ice attacks.

Despite their weaknesses, all three enemies boast considerable health, necessitating numerous All-Out Attacks to overcome them.

How to defeat Dogmatic Tower in Persona 3 Reload

The encounter with the Dogmatic Tower is a grueling and protracted battle, as both the tower and its accompanying Immoral Snakes possess robust health reserves, formidable attacks, and status-inflicting capabilities.

The primary strategy involves targeting the Dogmatic Tower with Lightning attacks and directing Ice attacks at the Immoral Snakes before unleashing an All-Out assault.

For your party composition, it’s advisable to include Akihiko for his Lightning prowess, Mitsuru for her Ice capabilities, and Yukari for healing support. The main protagonist should remain flexible, assisting Akihiko and Mitsuru to swiftly execute All-Out Attacks.

During All-Out assaults, be prepared for the Dogmatic Tower to intermittently cast Makarakarn, erecting a reflective barrier on itself or one of the Immoral Snakes. In such instances, focus your efforts on the unshielded adversaries.

Additionally, beware of the Immortal Snakes’ Poison Mist, which can afflict the entire party with poison. Assign Yukari the task of cleansing the poison or administering healing to the party.

Initiating the battle with everyone’s Theurgy attacks fully charged is advantageous. Consider unleashing all Theurgy attacks at the battle’s onset and gradually replenishing them throughout the encounter. Yukari’s Theurgy, in particular, may be replenished as she tends to the party’s health.

By persistently exploiting the vulnerabilities of the enemies with Ice and Lightning attacks while mitigating poison effects, you should be well-equipped to emerge victorious from this challenging encounter.

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