Persona 3 Reload | Cowardly Maya weakness

Encountering Cowardly Maya in Persona 3 Reload marks one of the initial opportunities to challenge an optional boss, posing a considerable challenge for players.

This boss resides on Floor 91 (91F) and serves as an introduction to a new Tartarus gameplay element: the Monad Door Detour. These doors manifest randomly on floors, offering optional high-tier rewards for overcoming exceptionally formidable adversaries.

While Cowardly Maya can be disregarded entirely as an optional encounter, those curious about its hidden treasures should grasp its weakness, if it possesses one.

What is Cowardly Maya’s weakness?

In Persona 3 Reload, Cowardly Maya exhibits no discernible weaknesses. Regardless of the attack employed, weakness damage cannot be inflicted, precluding the possibility of triggering an All-Out Attack.

However, this absence of weakness is counterbalanced by Cowardly Maya’s lack of resistance. Consequently, any form of attack inflicts damage. Employing your highest-level party and Persona should facilitate dispatching it with relative ease. Therefore, utilizing your most potent party members represents the optimal strategy for confronting this optional boss. While any previously employed tactics suffice, it is advisable for aspiring challengers to be at least level 35 or above to enhance their chances of success.

Despite Cowardly Maya’s lack of exploitable weaknesses, it remains a formidable adversary for any Persona 3 Reload player unprepared for its challenge.

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