Persona 3 Reload | Clairvoyant Relic Boss Guide

Persona is renowned for its eccentric and formidable bosses, and while Clairvoyant Relic may not be the quirkiest, it certainly poses a significant threat. Despite being a Gatekeeper miniboss rather than a full-fledged Tartarus boss, defeating it requires strategic planning. Each party member’s role is crucial, particularly as this miniboss can scan them to identify weaknesses. While tougher challenges lie ahead, Clairvoyant Relic serves as the initial test of skill in the game. Here’s how to overcome Clairvoyant Relic in Persona 3: Reload.

Clairvoyant Relic Strengths and Weaknesses

Encountered on Floor 42 of Tartarus in Persona 3: Reload, Clairvoyant Relic presents a formidable challenge. Unlike typical bosses, exploiting elemental weaknesses won’t be effective against this miniboss—it possesses none and even blocks Dark and Light attacks. Moreover, Clairvoyant Relic scans your party members at the fight’s onset to reveal their vulnerabilities. Armed with Fire, Ice, Wind, and Electric elements, it exploits your party’s weaknesses with precision.

Engaging Clairvoyant Relic head-on is ill-advised. However, leveraging each party member’s debuff abilities is key. Akihiko’s Tarunda reduces the Relic’s attack, while Yukari’s Sukunda lowers its accuracy. By weakening the boss through debuffs and bolstering your party’s offense and defense with abilities like Tarukaja and Rakukaja, victory becomes achievable.

Defensive Buffs and Guarding

Avoid exposing party members to vulnerabilities that Clairvoyant Relic can exploit, such as Fire, Ice, Wind, or Electric attacks. Maintain a balance between buffing/debuffing and attacking to mitigate damage while whittling down the boss’s health. When Clairvoyant Relic lowers the party’s defense, prioritize guarding and refreshing defensive buffs to minimize damage intake.

To summarize, follow these steps to defeat Clairvoyant Relic in Persona 3: Reload:

  • Avoid using Dark or Light attacks.
  • Shield vulnerable party members from Fire, Ice, Wind, and Electric damage.
  • Debuff Clairvoyant Relic’s attack and accuracy.
  • Buff your party members’ attack and defense.

Persona 3: Reload is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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