Persona 3 Reload: Chaos Panzer weakness

The Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload stands as the burial ground for numerous shattered aspirations of players. Should you have progressed enough to confront the Chaos Panzer, overcoming this formidable obstacle becomes feasible with the right party setup and understanding of its vulnerabilities.

While the Chaos Panzer may appear impregnable (attributed to its heavy armor), with an optimal party configuration and awareness of its weak points, triumph is within reach.

How do you defeat the Chaos Panzer?

The Chaos Panzer lurks in the Harabah sector of Tartarus, situated on Floor 188. Being one of Tartarus’ latter Guardian bosses, it poses a significant challenge, especially for seasoned Persona 3 Reload squads. Reflective of its identity as a menacing tank, the Chaos Panzer lacks exploitable weaknesses and boasts a plethora of resistances—Wind and Fire assaults prove futile, while Light strikes rebound to harm the party.

Compounded by its companions, the two Resentful Surveillants, the situation becomes graver. However, they succumb to Slash attacks, making Slash-oriented party members like Junpei or potentially Yuki (if customized accordingly) effective against them. Vanquishing the tank itself entails enduring its prolonged assaults, necessitating Yukari’s continuous healing to withstand the relentless onslaught. Given the tank’s predilection for Pierce attacks, bolstering resistance against this specific damage type beforehand proves prudent. Once the Surveillants are eliminated, maximize buffs and unleash concentrated damage. With judicious healing, victory over the tank is achievable, paving the way for progression through Tartarus’ myriad trials.

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