Persona 3 Reload | All vending machine locations

Let’s dive into Persona 3 Reload and talk about something not everyone pays attention to – those sneaky vending machines. You know, the ones that casually dispense drinks like it’s no big deal. Turns out, they play a crucial role in one of Elizabeth’s quirky side quests. And who doesn’t want to help out the Velvet Room’s attendant?

How to complete request 9: “I’d like to try all kinds of drinks.”

So, Elizabeth has a fancy for soft drinks, and she’s throwing a quest our way. The deal? Fetch her every darn soft drink from those vending machines. Seems like a simple errand, right? Well, here’s the lowdown on where to find these magical dispensers:

  • Right side of the dorm’s second-floor common room
  • Back of dorm’s third-floor common room
  • Third floor of Iwatodai Strip Mall, next to the Net Cafe
  • To the left of Screen Shot at Port Island Station
  • Right side of the stairs at Iwatodai Station

Now, getting every drink is a piece of cake, except for that tricky Iwatodai Station machine. You gotta snag the Iwatodai Forum Note from a Suspicious Man in Club Escapade to unlock the full menu.

Cash-wise, no need to fret. Each drink costs you around 150-300 yen, and you’ll only lose a couple of thousand. Pocket change, right? Once you’ve collected a dozen different soft drinks, hand ’em over to Elizabeth, and guess what? You’ll be the proud owner of a Media skill card.

Sure, at this stage, you might already have personas with the Media skill. But hey, it’s always good to have options for some party-wide healing, especially when Yukari needs a break, am I right?

So, get those drinks, make Elizabeth happy, and bag that skill card.

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