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Hey there, fellow Persona enthusiasts! Let’s unravel the mystery behind Shuffle Time in Persona 3 Reload – a nifty mechanic that kicks in after a victorious battle. It’s like a loot box of goodies, making your Persona and Social Stats journey a whole lot smoother if you play your cards right. Let’s dive into the Shuffle Time escapade!

Persona 3 Reload Shuffle Time Explained

So, Shuffle Time isn’t a stranger to Persona 3, but it got a facelift for Reload. It pops up randomly after a battle, but snagging a 1 More significantly boosts your chances. And here’s the deal – wrapping up a battle with an All-Out Attack guarantees you a date with Shuffle Time.

Now, during this cosmic rendezvous, you’re presented with three types of cards: Minor Arcana Cards, Persona Cards, and Major Arcana Cards. The catch? You can only choose one per battle, so choose wisely, my friend.

Minor Arcana Cards

These babies dish out immediate rewards or buffs to our protagonist. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Yellow coin – Cha-ching, Money!
  • Green leaves – Exp points for that level-up thrill.
  • Blue cups – A healing touch or a handy buff.
  • Red swords – The coveted Skill Card.

And guess what? The higher your current floor, the juicier the rewards. Healing cards always pamper our protagonist unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Persona Cards

Ready for a new Persona? Persona Cards deliver the goods right away. Higher floors mean beefier Personas, but remember, they’ll always be a tad weaker than fusion-made counterparts. And if you’ve already got that Persona, brace yourself for a sweet Exp. bonus for all Personas of its Arcana.

Major Arcana Cards

New kids on the block! Major Arcana cards join the party after defeating special Shadows during Full Moon ops or stumbling upon them in special Monad doors in Tartarus. Once you pick a Major Arcana during Shuffle Time, it won’t make a repeat appearance in that exploration.

As you progress, you’ll be swimming in more Major Arcana than you have slots for. Tough choices, right? Their effects range from boosting Exp to immediate Persona stat upgrades. Fool, Magician, High Priestess – each with its unique mojo.

Reaching the max Major Arcana triggers Arcana Burst, leveling up your Minor Arcana finds. And guess what? An extra Minor Arcana card for that battle!

Final Thoughts

As you bid adieu to Tartarus, the bonuses vanish, except for those sweet status bumps from Arcana like Emperor. They stick around – a permanent power-up. Major Arcana is your golden ticket, enhancing Minor Arcana for epic rewards in the long run. Skill Cards, my friend, can be the game-changer.

Always snag those Major Arcana right out of the gate, and boost those Minor Arcana for a guaranteed ticket to power town.

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