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We’re delving into the world of the Hierophant Social Link, and trust me, it’s like unlocking a secret code to more bonding goodness. Let’s unravel the Hierophant story, and spoiler alert – there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Persona 3 Reload Hierophant Social Link Guide (P3R)

So, you’re strolling through the Iwatodai Strip Mall, eyeing the Bookworms store run by the sweet elderly duo. This, my friends, is the beginning of the Hierophant Social Link saga. Easy peasy, right? But don’t slack off; this is one link you don’t want to overlook.

The magic kicks in from 4/25 onwards. Your classmates spill the beans about Bookworms reopening in the morning. Swing by after school to meet the lovely Bunkichi and Mitsuko Kitamura.

Oh, there’s a Persimmon tree lurking in your school’s corridors. Grab a Persimmon Leaf from it, head back to the couple, and voila! Hierophant Social Link – initiated.

Now, here’s the deal. Bookstore visits are fair game every day except Mondays, holidays included. But hold your horses; this link isn’t urgent. It plays nice during school breaks and weeks before tests when other links are taking a nap.

Pro tip: Always bring a Hierophant Persona like Omoikane to beef up those dialogue points. Quick ranks, more time for other links – it’s a win-win. And watch out for the “I feel like I might grow closer to the elderly couple soon…” message; that’s your cue for a guaranteed rank up.

Rank 2

Answering questions like a pro, you’ve got the key to the city. Best answer? Any that fits the mood – just roll with it.

Rank 3

More questions, more bonding. Look for something? Can I help? Bebe introduces himself – smooth. And oh, get ready to console them about a tragic accident. Yep, you’re the emotional anchor.

Rank 4

Wife’s out? You wait. The tree… something’s up. Express concern and seal the deal.

Rank 5

Feeling guilty about the persimmon tree? Tell them not to worry. Why cut it down now? Reassure them – you’re the Link whisperer.

Rank 6

The emotional rollercoaster continues. Please don’t fight, and brace yourself for the tale of their son’s demise.

Rank 7

A mysterious “Ah…” leads to the revelation about the tree’s significance. Celebrate the good news and wear your detective hat.

Rank 8

Who’s the petitioner? It’s time to spill the beans. And yes, share the joy about the good news. You’re practically family now.

Rank 9

Curious about a letter? Get exhilarated, my friend. You’re not just a Social Link expert; you’re a net surfer too.

Rank 10

Naptime for Bunkichi-san, and you’re feeling sleepy too. But the bombshell drops – they asked to cut the persimmon tree. Question their motives, and channel your inner empathy.

And voila, completing the Hierophant Social Link gifts you the Persimmon Fruit, paving the way for the ultimate Persona Kohryu. Strong, useful, and a powerhouse for late-game fusions.

What Happens if Bunkichi is Lost in Tartarus?

Hold the phone! Elizabeth drops a bomb – humans in Tartarus, and one of them is Bunkichi. Rush in, rescue the poor soul, and even if you’ve wrapped up the Hierophant, do it for the rewards. Leaving the old man stranded? Creepy. Save him, and the Social Link is back on track the next day. Phew!

There you have it, the scoop on the Hierophant Social Link.

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