Persona 3 Reload | All Gourmet Quiz Answers

Alright, fellow Persona 3 Reload aficionados, let’s talk about getting cozy with the Gourmet King and unlocking that delectable Moon Social Link. It’s a bit like a foodie quest, but trust me, the rewards are worth it. Let’s dive into the juicy details!

How to Start and Complete the Gourmet Quiz in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)

First off, to kickstart this flavorful journey, you need to up your Charm game to Level 2 and hit Level 3 in the Magician Social Link. Once you’ve accomplished that, Kenji in your classroom drops a hint about the elusive Gourmet King lurking somewhere in the city. No need to buddy up with Kenji; just grab that lead and head to the Paulownia Mall.

Now, look for the Chubby Student chilling on a bench. Your Charm stat comes in handy as he challenges you with a foodie quiz. Here are the answers to his brain-teasers:

  • Q1: What’s the most popular drink at the café over there?
    A1: Pheromone Coffee.
  • Q2: What color skirt does Azuki Arai’s Mascot, Azuki-chan, wear?
    A2: Red.
  • Q3: What item is on the secret menu at Hagakure?
    A3: (No specific answer provided in the original content.)

Even with all the correct answers, the Gourmet King remains a tough cookie. He throws you a curveball – bring him something he’s never tasted before. And that’s your cue to fetch an Odd Morsel. You can snag one from regular chests in Tartarus, so if you’re a dungeon-diving pro, you might already have it. If not, back to the dungeon you go until you bag that mysterious munchie.

Sure, time ticks away during this quest, but the sweet payoff is forging the Moon Social Link. Nozomi might not have the most gripping story, but hanging out with him earns you some nifty rewards. So, take it easy, enjoy the process, and savor the moments whenever you can.

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