Persona 3 Reload: All gardening seeds and where to get them

While enjoying Persona 3 Reload, you’ll eventually unlock the garden feature. But do you know all the gardening seeds available and where to find them?

It takes a few days for your sprouts to grow, but once they do, you can harvest some fantastic consumables. There’s more variety than just tomato plants, so let’s explore all the seeds you can plant.

Where to get all gardening sprouts in Persona 3 Reload

On 5/25, you’ll gain access to the garden on the Dorm rooftop. Cultivating plants should become a regular practice, and did you know you can purchase various seedlings? You can acquire all gardening seeds from either Rafflesia or Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities.

The easiest way to obtain more sprouts is by purchasing them from the flower shop, Rafflesia, at Port Island Station. Visit the shop and inquire about their offerings. Here’s a list of seeds available for purchase:

SeedPriceBenefitGrowth timeWhen/how to unlock
Healthy Tomato Sprout700Restores 100 HP to one ally10 days5/26
Buff Potato Sprout700Raises Attack for one ally lasting three turns12 days5/26
Amronion Sprout900Cures Freeze/Shock/Poison/Down/Dizzy for one ally10 days6/18
Soul Spinach1,200Restores 30 SP to one ally12 days8/26
Golden Tomato Sprout1,500Restores 100 HP and 30 SP to one ally15 daysFrom “Veggie Blog Note” purchasable at Club Escapade in October
Simple Herb Sprout2,000Doubles the damage of your next Physical attack13 days12/4

You can also obtain sprouts from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities, which airs nearly every Sunday. Here are the dates offering deals on sprouts:

  • 6/28: x2 Amronion Sprout, x3 Buff Potato Sprout (2,980 yen)
  • 8/23: x2 Soul Spinach Sprout, x3 Buff Potato Sprout (2,980 yen)

Since you can purchase these seeds at a discount, it’s advisable to acquire both batches. After these dates, they won’t be available from the shopping channel, so ensure you have enough funds by then.

Best gardening tips

After purchasing these sprouts, they’ll grow into consumables. But did you know there are ways to increase your crop yield? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Purchase “Veggie Farmer Sim” for 4,500 yen at the MangaStar Net Cafe and use it on your Shared Computer. This permanently increases your vegetable yield.
  • As a Dorm hangout, someone will ask you to help care for the garden, enhancing your harvest output and efficacy of the vegetables.
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