Palworld: Where To Find Verdash

Expanding your base in Palworld can be time-consuming when done solo. Fortunately, the game provides a solution – enlisting the help of your Pals for mundane tasks.

Where To Find Verdash in Palworld

Verdash, an adorable Grass element Pal, is a valuable addition to your Paldeck. However, finding her requires some effort:

  1. Pal Sanctuary: Located above the Volcanic Island, attempting to capture Verdash here may not be worthwhile due to the protected status of Pals, leading to a Wanted level.
  2. Sealed Realm of the Swift: Verdash also serves as a boss in this dungeon, found in the mid-upper region of the world map. Note that there’s an hour-long respawn time if your initial attempt fails.

How To Catch Verdash in Palworld

Effectively countering Verdash, a Grass element Pal, involves strategic planning. Follow these steps to add Verdash to your Paldeck:

  1. Counter with Fire Elements: Bring Fire-type Pals like Jormuntide Ignis, Suzaku, or Ragnahawk.
  2. Equip Fire Bow and Arrows: Speed up the weakening process by using Fire Bow and Fire Arrows.
  3. Beware of Tornado Attack: Stay mobile and cautious of Verdash’s tornado attack during the capture.

Verdash Stats and Skills

Verdash brings valuable Partner Skills to the table, enhancing movement speed and applying Grass Damage to attacks. Additionally, she excels in Work Suitability with skills in Gathering, Lumbering, Handiwork, Planting, and Transporting.

Active Skills

Skill NameLevel RequirementCooldown TimerPower
Wind CutterLevel 12s30
Stone CannonLevel 715s70
Seed Machine GunLevel 159s50
Stone BlastLevel 2210s55
Grass TornadoLevel 3018s80
Spine VineLevel 4025s95
Solar BlastLevel 5055s150

Verdash’s versatility and skills make her one of the finest Pals for your camp in Palworld. Capture her, utilize her strengths, and watch your base expansion become a breeze.

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