Palworld: Where To Find Grintale

Palworld’s vast open world is home to over 100 captivating Pals waiting to be encountered and captured. Among them is the elusive Grintale, a nocturnal creature that reveals its charm under the moonlit sky. To aid you in your quest to “catch ’em all,” we’ve pinpointed the specific details on where and when to find this unique Pal.

Where To Find Grintale

Grintale menu in the paldeck

To Start on the quest for Grintale, follow these steps:

  1. Nightfall Exploration:
    Ensure you roam the open world during the night, as Grintale exclusively emerges under the cover of darkness.
  2. Starting Point – Cinnamon Forest:
    Head northwest from the starting location on the map until you reach a fast travel point named Cinnamon Forest.
  3. Navigate North:
    From Cinnamon Forest, proceed northward. Keep a keen eye out, and you’ll likely spot several Grintales sleeping in the area.
  • Coordinates: -43, -193
A circle on the map showing the location of Grintale
  1. Exploration Tips:
    If your initial search yields no results, explore the surrounding island during the night. Grintales tend to favor this region for their nocturnal activities.

Grintale’s Significance

  • High Quality Pal Oil:
    Defeating or capturing Grintales rewards players with High Quality Pal Oil, a valuable crafting resource for various items.
  • Natural Element Pal:
    Grintales serve as natural element Pals and can be employed as mounts for traversing the open world.
  • Gathering Ability:
    Grintales possess a level two Gathering ability, enabling them to assist in harvesting crops at Plantation sites when summoned at your base.

Start on your nocturnal expedition, and may the moonlight guide you to the captivating realm of Grintale in Palworld!

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