Palworld Quivern location, boss battle, and how to catch

Hey, Palworld enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the fantastical world of adorable dragons? Well, let’s talk about the rockstar of the show – Quivern. This little fella isn’t just cute; it’s a game-changer, especially if you’re looking for a reliable flying companion. But, and there’s always a “but” in the gaming world – you gotta saddle up!

All Quivern stats in Palworld

So, what’s Quivern packing? It’s a Dragon type with a food level of four out of 10. But here’s the real deal – it drops High-Quality Pal Oil, and it’s a pro at transporting, gathering, mining, and handiwork. Plus, it brings along the Sky Dragon’s Affection as its partner skill. Now, that’s a Pal with perks!

How to find Quivern Boss Battle in Palworld

Alright, how do we get our hands on Quivern? Head to its Alpha Boss Fight near the northern spawn points – level 23, not a walk in the park, but doable. Grab a tier three Pal Sphere, boost that Capture Power, and arm yourself with at least a Crossbow. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Oh, a little tip – Quivern is a Dragon type, so bring along Pals with Ice elemental skills. Ice trumps Dragon, and Dragon trumps Dark. Simple elemental rock-paper-scissors, right? I faced it with a Handgun and took it down solo, but hey, always be prepared, right?

How to find a wild Quivern in Palworld

Feeling a bit rebellious? Head to the Pal Sanctuary to the west. It’s a bit of a journey, but Quivern spawns randomly there, day or night. A higher level and a bit rarer, but if you fancy a non-alpha version, it’s worth a shot. Just watch out for nosy human NPCs – don’t want to be the talk of the island, right?

How to breed Quivern in Palworld

Now, if you’re not into boss battles or wild chases, breeding is the way to go. Quivern is a bit of a catch, so here are a few breeding combos to get your hands on a Quivern egg:

Parent 1Parent 2
CinnamothLyleen Noct
FrostallionIncineram Noct

Once you’ve got your Quivern, the breeding possibilities are endless. Here are some notable combos involving Quivern as a parent:

Parent 1Parent 2Offspring

There you have it, folks! Quivern – the cuteness with wings. Whether you’re into boss battles, wild adventures, or breeding escapades, this dragon Pal has you covered. Happy Palworld exploring!

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