Palworld | Marcus and Faleris Location and How to Beat

Alright, fellow Palworld enthusiasts, if you’ve run into the Marcus and Faleris wall, don’t worry—I got your back. These two are a real headache, but let’s break down the where and how of facing off with this dynamic duo.

How to find and defeat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld (Map)

Marcus and Faleris are the troublemakers in the west, the fourth Tower Boss pair out of five. Pack your bags and head over there with a Water-type Pal and an assault rifle; you’re gonna need ’em.

Marcus and Faleris’ location

The action goes down at the Tower of PIDF, chilling in the northwest part of the map at coordinates 561, 334. To reach it, bring a flying Pal because, you know, rocky terrain. Flying is the way to go, my friend!

How to Beat Marcus and Faleris

Hold up, Faleris is a flying type, so prep accordingly. You’ve got a 10-minute time limit, and it all goes down in an Arena with indestructible pillars. Those pillars will be your best buddies against Faleris’ flight shenanigans and AoE attacks. Their health pool? A whopping 146,975 points, so gear up!

Best Level for Marcus and Faleris

Don’t even think about tangling with these bosses if you’re below level 45. Still struggling? Grind your way to level 50 for that stat boost and the sweet unlock of better gear. Trust me; you’ll thank me later.

Best Weapon for Marcus and Faleris

Grab your Assault Rifle, my friend. Marcus and Faleris are airbound, and this weapon lets you precision-shoot from a safe distance. Every boss has a weak spot, and for these two, it’s Marcus’s whole being. Shoot away for that sweet extra damage!

Best Pals for Marcus and Faleris

Faleris is a Fire-type Pal, so what’s the counter? Water, baby! Water types resist fire and deal more damage to those fiery Pals. Suzaku Aqua is your go-to—strong Water attacker and boosts your Water damage. If Suzaku’s not in your lineup, consider Kelpsea and Jormuntide.

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