Palworld | Maraith location, skills, and how to catch

Maraith, a Dark-type Pal, possesses exceptional combat abilities and can be ridden, making it a valuable addition to your Party. Its Partner Skill, Messenger of Death, boosts your attacks and alters their type to Dark while mounted, enhancing both combat prowess and traversal capabilities. However, capturing Maraith can be challenging due to its limited spawning times and specific locations.

Marait’s Skills in Palworld

Primarily a Dark-type Pal, Maraith exhibits some Fire-type abilities as well, excelling particularly in combat situations. However, its weak Work Suitabilities, focused on Gathering and Mining, limit its utility within your base.

Maraith’s Stats
Element TypeDark
Work SuitabilityGathering level two, Mining level one
Partner SkillMessenger of Death: Increases the player’s attack significantly and changes the player’s damage type to Dark while mounting Maraith.
Hunger Level3/10
DropsBone, Small Pal Soul
Most Powerful AttackNightmare Ball – Power: 100, CT: 30

Marait’s Location in Palworld

Maraith predominantly inhabits the snow biome in the northern part of the map but spawns exclusively at night, requiring patience for daytime hunters.

How to catch Maraith in Palworld

Capturing Maraith poses a challenge for lower-level players, as it typically spawns at level 39 or 40. It’s advisable to attempt capture at around level 35 or higher, accompanied by Dragon-type Pals, effective against Dark-type opponents. Maraiths often appear in groups of three, making strategic engagement crucial. Utilize mid to late-game Pal Spheres, such as the Hyper Pal Sphere, to ensure successful capture attempts.

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