Palworld | Lifmunk Effigy bug , explained

Palworld has not exactly been free of bugs, despite its absurdly addicting gameplay making up for it. The community is now doubting developer Pocketpair’s skill after discovering the Lifmunk Effigy issue, which was reported by a player. This is all the information you need to know if you are wondering what all the excitement is about:

What is the Lifmunk Effigy bug in Palworld?

You might want to give up on collecting those green glowing blobs and giving them to the Statue of Power in Palworld in the hopes of getting a higher capture rate for the time being.

Several reports claim that giving Lifmunk Effigies to the Statue of Power will not increase your capture rate as expected, but rather will decrease it. When you are ready to throw a Pal Sphere at a Pal, you may notice an increased capture rate if you have already increased it with effigies. However, it appears that this is very misleading.

In spite of the higher Capture Rate shown, pals are escaping the Spheres a little more than they should when Lifmunk Effigies are used, according to tests conducted by players and posted on Reddit and YouTube. Therefore, after providing Lifmunk Effigies, you may notice a notable increase in the Capture Rate of a Pal Sphere, but you may also fail to capture Pals more frequently than you would with the Sphere’s base Capture Rate.

There must be a problem with the system because players who attempted to refute the theory by citing data and statistics and attributing their failure to chance were unable to do so. Since this isn’t supposed to happen, the community believes Pocketpair needs to fix the bug right away.

Although the bug hasn’t been formally acknowledged, I suggest delaying giving the statue Lifmunk Effigies for a while. But don’t give up on gathering those effigies—picking them up won’t affect your Capture Power.

If there is any kind of bug, Pocketpair will undoubtedly address it in upcoming releases, allowing you to carry on using Lifmunk Effigies as intended to increase your Capture Power in Palworld.

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