Palworld | How to Use Monitoring Stand

Once Pals come under the control of a Palworld player, their existence can hardly be described as joyful. However, you can introduce a touch of rigorous management into your pets’ daily routines by constructing a Monitoring Stand. With this innovative structure, players can assert their authority and push their Pals to their limits, though they can also opt for a more compassionate approach to safeguard their well-being.

It’s important to recognize that the Monitoring Stand isn’t the cornerstone of your base. Nonetheless, it can serve to expedite or decelerate production processes as per your requirements.

How to Unlock Monitoring Stand in Palworld

To unlock the Monitoring Stand in Palworld, players must attain level 15 and allocate 2 Technology Points in the Technology tab. This milestone shouldn’t take too long to reach, so once you’ve fulfilled the criteria, you can craft a Monitoring Stand using the following materials:

  • x30 Wood
  • x10 Stone

How to Use Monitoring Stand

After crafting a Monitoring Stand, position it anywhere in your base and ascend it as a podium. Interacting with this structure will reveal a simple interface with three configuration options:

  • Normal: Pals’ normal working mode and speed perfectly balance productivity and worker needs.
  • Hard Working: The speed and productivity of all Pals on the base are high, which is fraught with a rapid loss of sanity and accelerated calorie consumption.
  • Super Hard Working: The limit of your pets’ abilities guarantees maximum productivity of workers but almost inevitably leads to injury, hunger, and loss of sanity.

Selecting any of these options will directly impact all Pals within your base. By issuing commands from this platform, while considering the associated risks, you can compel your Pals to toil beyond their usual capacities. Naturally, if you possess ample reserves of spare workers, abundant food supplies, and Strange Juice, you may opt for the second or third speed settings. These settings prove optimal for urgent situations when specific processes require acceleration.

However, regardless of your base’s level or the number of Pals under your supervision, we strongly advise against prolonged use of the Hard Working and Super Hard Working modes. The Normal mode offers the most sustainable option for extended usage, provided there’s no immediate need to hasten production processes.

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