Palworld | How To Unlock & Use the Viewing Cage

If you possess a formidable team of mighty warriors and diligent laborers, the Viewing Cage could be the perfect addition to your ideal base in Palworld. This straightforward structure enables you to showcase the rarest and most stunning Pals in a confined area, transforming them into living exhibits that embellish your base.

Aside from the evident aesthetic advantages of the Viewing Cage, this structure serves as an excellent inventory alternative for safeguarding creatures when they’re not in use. What’s even better is that you can construct a Viewing Cage relatively early on and without significant expense.

How To Unlock the Viewing Cage in Palworld

To unlock the Viewing Cage in Palworld, players need to achieve level 15 and acquire the structure’s recipe by investing two Technology Points in the Technology tab. Once these prerequisites are met, you can construct this uncomplicated structure using the following materials:

  • 20 Stone
  • 10 Wood
  • 10 Paldium Fragments

Upon gathering all the necessary materials, proceed to any Workbench and fashion a new habitat for your pets. However, before mass-producing several Viewing Cages, bear in mind that this structure occupies considerable space. Nonetheless, its size is justified by its utility.

How To Use the Viewing Cage in Palworld

Essentially, the Viewing Cage serves as a storage unit for Pals. The creatures housed within cannot engage in labor or combat, but their emotional and physiological needs will not deteriorate either. Thus, you won’t need to feed them or provide Strange Juice. It’s as though time stands still inside the Viewing Cage, transforming once lively and robust companions into ordinary displays.

However, it might be more apt to liken the Viewing Cage to a colossal chest. Allocating a vast building to a single Pal might not be the most efficient use. Of course, you may do so if it suits your preferences, but upon interacting with this structure, you’ll notice 40 vacant slots for your pets. Beyond its aesthetic function, the Viewing Cage serves as a storage facility, allowing you to declutter your inventory.

The modest construction expenses, early accessibility to this technology, and diverse range of applications render the Viewing Cage a valuable addition to your base. Whether you opt to designate it as an aviary for a solitary Alpha Pal or as communal housing for your densely populated Pals, the choice is yours to make.

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