Palworld: How To Slide

Start your Palworld adventure with style and efficiency by mastering the art of sliding. This acrobatic maneuver not only adds flair to your movements but also provides practical benefits for both exploration and combat. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to slide in Palworld and share some valuable tips on when to utilize this skill.

How to Slide in Palworld

Palworld Slide Controls

Xbox Controller:

  1. Sprint: Press and hold the left stick (LS).
  2. Slide: Hold the B/crouch button.

PC Controls:

  1. Sprint: Hold down Shift.
  2. Slide: Hold the C key.

When executed, your character will drop to the ground, swiftly sliding for a few seconds before standing up again. Note that tapping the crouch button will trigger a dodge roll instead.

Best Times to Slide in Palworld

1. Power Slide Down Hills for Better Gliding

  • Utilize sliding down hills for a temporary speed boost.
  • This technique helps cover more terrain quickly, especially before obtaining a mount or glider.
  • Power slide down hills just before opening the glider to achieve a significant speed boost for extended gliding.

Caution: Be mindful of fall damage, as opening the glider consumes stamina and may result in a risky drop.

2. Sliding in Combat

  • While sliding on flat surfaces is not as effective as hill-induced slide-glide, it serves as an alternative evasive maneuver during combat.
  • Use sliding to quickly evade incoming projectiles or charging Pals.
  • Offers a unique and stylish way to reposition during battles.

Unlock the full potential of sliding in Palworld to enhance your mobility, whether you’re exploring the vast landscapes or engaging in thrilling combat scenarios. Slide, glide, and conquer the Palworld with finesse!

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