Palworld | How to raise your Pals Sanity meter

Palword is like a rollercoaster of the mundane and the fantastical, constantly chipping away at your little Pal’s sanity. Keeping their Sanity (SAN) meter in check is the key to maintaining those good vibes. Let me spill some tips on how to keep your Pals from going bonkers!

Keep your Pals Sane

First things first, check on your Pal’s sanity meter through the Party menu. It’s right up there in the top right, nestled between Health (HP) and Hunger. You’ll also witness the ups and downs of sanity during their chores – life’s irony, huh?

Anyway, worry not. I’m still figuring out this Early Access ride myself, but let me share some sanity-saving basics.


Pals without a bed will be as sleep-deprived as I am after an intense gaming session. Craft a Straw Pal Bed at Level 3, costing you (1) Technology Point, (10) Wood, and (5) Fiber. And remember, no sharing allowed; everyone needs their own cozy spot.

As you level up, unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed at Level 24 for 2 Technology Points. It not only guarantees a good night’s sleep but also boosts SAN more swiftly. Larger Pals, like Alpha Pals or massive ones like Mammorest, will need the Large Pal Beds at Level 36, but that recipe comes later. Juggle their SAN by other means until then.

Grab a Snack

Pals, just like us, get hangry. Food isn’t just for health; it’s also a sanity savior. Certain recipes like Broiled Dumud do wonders for the mind and body. Honey, a wild treat, is an easy early-game option. And once you hit Level 17 and unlock the Cooking Pot, whip up Stewed Galeclaw and Pancakes for more SAN and a buff against sanity decrease.

Treat them to the Hot Spring

Unlock the Hot Spring at Level 9 for (2) Technology Points. It’s a quick daytime rest stop, requiring (30) Wood, (15) Stone, (15) Paldium Fragments, and (10) Pal Fluid. Upgrade to the High-Quality version at Level 40 for faster SAN boosts, though it demands a hefty resource investment.

High-Grade Medical Supplies

Craft the Medieval Medicine Workbench at Level 12 to make High-Grade Medical Supplies for those depressed Pals. Gather (5) Ingots, (5) Horns, and (2) Bones to create the remedy.

Return Pals to your Pal Box

When all else fails, toss your Pals into the Pal Box for a break. Yeah, you lose their skills temporarily, but they’ll bounce back after an hour, ready to hustle on your base again.

Keeping Pals sane in Palword is an art, and with these tips, you’ll be the Picasso of sanity preservation. Happy Pal-keeping!

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