Palworld: How To Make Nails

Expanding your base in Palworld is a key aspect of the game, unlocking advanced technologies and structures. Once you reach player level 10, the elusive Nail becomes accessible, enabling the creation of advanced items like the High-Quality Workbench and Sphere Workbench. However, crafting Nails involves a series of steps, and this guide aims to provide clarity for players navigating this intricate process.

Craft the Primitive Furnace and Capture Fire Element Pals

To embark on the journey of crafting Nails, the initial step is to build a Primitive Furnace. Unlocking both Nails and the furnace requires technology points, and the Primitive Furnace demands 50 Stone, 20 Wood, and 3 Flame Organs. Flame Organs might pose a challenge, but fear not; they can be obtained from Fire Element Pals like Foxsparks, found near the Plateau of Beginnings.

Capture of Foxsparks in Palworld

Defeat the Foxsparks to acquire Flame Organs and Leather. Moreover, capture a Foxsparks or another Fire Element Pal to utilize in the Primitive Furnace.

Craft Ingot Using Furnace and Pals

The subsequent step involves crafting Ingots, accomplished by mining ores from brownish-red ore blocks scattered across the Palworld. Deposit the acquired ore into the Primitive Furnace and assign the captured Foxsparks to kindle the flame. Each nail requires 8 ingots, so gather ore abundantly.

Crafting Ingots in Palworld

Optimize your ore mining by using Rushoars to expedite the process. Mount Rushoars and charge toward ore blocks to efficiently mine over 20 ores at once.

Craft Nails

Having amassed the necessary ingots, return to the Primitive Workbench to commence crafting Nails. These Nails are indispensable for constructing advanced structures and crafting various items, including weapons like the Crossbow.

Start this crafting journey, fortify your base, and unlock the vast potential of advanced structures in the world of Palworld!

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