Palworld: How To Make Money Fast

Palworld may leave you longing for more Gold Coins, a resource crucial for progress. Fear not, as this guide unveils efficient methods to amass wealth, ensuring you thrive in the game’s economy.

How to Farm Money in Palworld

Mau in Palworld

In Palworld, where Gold is a scarce commodity, strategic approaches to farming money become indispensable. Here’s how you can boost your Gold reserves:

1. Pal Ranching: Mau and Vixy

  • Mau: Acquire Mau in Palworld, adding it to your Ranch. Mau exclusively digs up Gold Coins, providing a steady income of about 10 coins per haul.
  • Vixy: Found near the Desolate Church, Vixy can dig up Pal Spheres, Gold Coins, and Arrows. Assign Vixy to your Ranch for a versatile source of income.


  • Locate Mau in Palworld and add it to your Ranch using the Palbox.
  • Find Vixy near the Desolate Church and enlist it for diverse item farming.

2. Pal Ranch Setup

  • Access the Palbox and place the selected Pal in your Base.
  • Position Mau or Vixy directly in front of your Ranch to initiate gold digging.

Other Methods for Gold Farming in Palworld

While Pal Ranching is a potent method, diversify your income streams with these additional approaches:

  • Defeat Syndicate Thugs and Enemy Humans: Engage and defeat Syndicate Thugs and other enemy humans for potential Gold drops.
  • Sell Items to Black Marketeers and Merchants: Dispose of excess items, old gear, armor, and Pal Spheres by selling them to Black Marketeers and Merchants.
  • Treasure Chests: Explore the wild and uncover Gold Coins in treasure chests scattered across the terrain.
  • Pal Drops: Pals, including Mau, Direhowl, and Vanwyrm, may drop Gold Coins. Be vigilant and collect drops during your adventures.

Pro Tip: Merchants Are Your Friends

  • Sell Items: Maximizing profits, especially by selling items to Merchants, can substantially boost your Gold reserves.

Armed with these strategies, you’ll cultivate a thriving economy in Palworld. Invest wisely, expand your Ranch, and let the Gold flow as you conquer the challenges that lie ahead. May your coffers be ever full, Palworld Explorer!

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