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Gliding serves as a remarkable mechanic in Palworld, facilitating swift traversal across vast distances in a fraction of the time. While it may not always be the primary mode of transportation, it proves invaluable in various scenarios. For those who may require assistance, here’s a comprehensive guide.

Here’s everything you need to know about Woolipops – a neutral Pal adored for its adorable appearance.

Gliding In Palworld

Gliding in Palworld presents an efficient means of covering long distances under certain circumstances. This aerial traversal mechanic allows players to soar through the air for a limited duration using different types of gliders.

To initiate gliding, players must jump from a suitable location and, while airborne, perform another jump. On PC, this action is executed using the space bar.

It’s essential to manage stamina during gliding, as depletion will result in a free fall. However, players can deactivate gliding mid-air by pressing the crouch or jump button.

During gliding, players can maneuver similarly to ground movement. The duration of the glide depends on altitude and stamina reserves.

While airborne, players are typically restricted from performing actions such as summoning Pals or using Pal Spheres.

Now that you grasp the mechanics of gliding, acquiring a gliding item or a Pal capable of gliding is necessary.

Normal Gliders

There are two main types of Gliders in Palworld: those crafted from materials and those reliant on Pals. In terms of normal Gliders, the game offers three variants, each differing in speed and efficiency.

Normal Parachute

The entry-level glider available to players, albeit slow, provides a functional means of gliding early in the game.

Mega Glider

Unlocked at level 18, the Mega Glider offers improved performance compared to the Normal Parachute, providing players with a decent mid-tier option.

Giga Glider

Accessible at level 40, the Giga Glider represents the pinnacle of gliding technology in Palworld. With exceptional speed and capabilities, it’s a coveted asset for advanced players.

Glider Pals

Alternatively, Glider Pals offer unique benefits but require players to craft their respective Gloves for mid-air usage.

Celaray – Zephyr Glider

By capturing Celaray and crafting its Gloves, players gain access to the Zephyr Glider, which boasts impressive speed and stamina efficiency.

Killamari – Fried Squid

Crafting Killamari’s Gloves enables players to utilize its partner skill, Fried Squid, offering a reliable gliding option for mid-game exploration.

Hangyu – Flying Trapeze

Hangyu’s Gloves grant players access to the Flying Trapeze skill, providing a short upward burst for increased altitude during gliding.

Galeclaw – Galeclaw Rider

Galeclaw’s Gloves allow players to wield guns while gliding, making it a versatile option for combat-oriented players seeking swift traversal.

Hangyu Cryst – Winter Trapeze

By crafting Hangyu Cryst’s Gloves, players can utilize the Winter Trapeze skill, offering improved gliding performance and additional upward mobility.

Normal Gliders or Glider Pals?

Choosing between normal gliders and Glider Pals depends on player preferences and objectives. Normal gliders conserve Pal slots for powerful Pals, whereas Glider Pals offer unique features but occupy a Pal slot. Consider your current goals, available options, and playstyle when deciding.

Palworld is now accessible on PC and Xbox platforms.

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