Palworld | How to Get to the Wildlife Sanctuary Islands

As you explore Palworld, you’ll eventually exhaust the creatures available on the main islands. If you’re eager to discover rare specimens, here’s how to reach the Wildlife Sanctuary Islands.

Where to Find the Wildlife Sanctuary Islands in Palworld

Palworld has three Wildlife Sanctuary Islands situated in the ocean to the south, northwest, and northeast of the main islands. Accessible only by flying or swimming mounts like Jormuntide, Vanwyrm, or Surfent, these unique locations are off-limits for battling and catching Pals. Armed guards protect the sanctuaries, and trespassing results in a Wanted status.

Despite the risks, the opportunity to catch rare Pals like Bushi makes the journey worthwhile!

All Wildlife Sanctuary Pals

Each Wildlife Sanctuary Island offers a unique selection of high-level Pals, with some overlap. These formidable monsters in their mid-20s and higher require Pal Spheres for successful battles and captures. It’s advisable to bring plenty of Mega and Giga Spheres.

Wildlife Sanctuary #1 Pals

PalTypePartner Skill
PenkingWater/IceBrave Sailor
VaeletGrassPurification of Gaia
ElphidranDragonAmicable Holy Dragon
AzurobeWater/DragonWaterwing Dance
PetalliaGrassBlessing of the Flower Spirit
GrizzboltElectricYellow Tank

Wildlife Sanctuary #2 Pals

PalTypePartner Skill
Incinceram NoctDarkDarkclaw Hunter
VerdashGrassGrassland Speedster
KingpacaNeutralKing of Muscles
Wumpo BotanGrassGuardian of the Grassy Fields
WarsectGrass/GroundHard Armor
QuivernDragonSky Dragon’s Affection
MenastingGround/DarkSteel Scorpion
Jormuntide IgnisFire/DragonStormbringer Lava Dragon

Wildlife Sanctuary #3 Pals

PalTypePartner Skill
Incinceram NoctDarkDarkclaw Hunter
BushiFireBrandish Blade
FenglopeNeutralWind and Clouds
BlazamutFireMagma Kaiser
AstegonDark/DragonBlack Ankylosaur
LyleenGrassHarvest Goddess
FalerisFireScorching Predator
OrserkElectric/DragonFerocious Thunder Dragon
ShadowbeakDarkModified DNA
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