Palworld: How to Get Sapphire

Alright, fellow Palworld enthusiasts, gather ’round! We’re diving into the treasure trove of items, and today’s gem is none other than the elusive Sapphire. Trust me, knowing where to snag these shiny blue wonders can be your ticket to Palworld prosperity.

How to Get Sapphire in Palworld

In this bustling world of Palworld, where every item has a role to play, Sapphires take center stage. But, the catch is, you won’t find them scattered everywhere like confetti. Oh no, my friends, you’ve got to venture out and track down specific Pals.

Now, these Pals, let me tell you, they’re not your run-of-the-mill companions. They’re rare, and they demand a bit of prep – weapons, grub, and a solid Pal squad by your side. But hey, the payoff is sweet, as Sapphires can potentially drop when you capture or, well, do the less friendly thing and knock out these creatures.

Sapphire can be acquired as a potential drop from the following Pals:

  • [List of Pals here]

Remember, Mau Cryst might have some Farming Skill, but it won’t churn out Sapphires. Only cold, hard Gold Coins. Now, let’s talk business.

What to Do With Sapphire in Palworld, Explained

Now that you’ve got those Sapphires twinkling in your inventory, what’s the deal? Well, they’re not your usual crafting ingredient. No sir, these beauties are your golden ticket to quick cash. You can strut into any merchant’s den scattered across the Palworld map and trade one Sapphire for a cool 7500 Gold Coins. Cha-ching!

Imagine this – you’re short on funds, eyeing that must-have item, and bam! Your stash of Sapphires becomes your secret money vault. Sell ’em off, make that quick moolah, and get back to the adventure.

So, fellow Palworld wanderers, now you know the scoop on Sapphires.

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