Palworld: How To Get High Quality Cloth

As you ascend to higher levels in Palworld, the demand for resources increases, necessitating the acquisition of advanced materials. High Quality Cloth becomes a coveted resource, essential for crafting superior outfits for your character. This guide is your key to obtaining High Quality Cloth in Palworld.

How To Get High Quality Cloth

High Quality Cloth can be acquired through three distinct methods in Palworld:

  1. Defeat Sibelyx:
  • Locate the specific Pal, Sibelyx, in the snow region to the north of the map.
  • Find the fast-travel point, Unthawable Lake, south of the snow biome, at coordinates -101, 287.
  • Around this area, encounter Sibelyx and defeat them.
  • Sibelyx drops Ice Organs and High Quality Cloth upon defeat. Unthawable Lake Location
  1. Capture and Assign Sibelyx to a Ranch:
  • Catch Sibelyx and assign them to a ranch.
  • Sibelyx, when assigned to a ranch, has a chance to produce High Quality Cloth over time. Player with Ranched Sibelyx
  1. Craft High Quality Cloth:
  • Unlock the High Quality Cloth recipe at level 36 in the Technology menu.
  • Craft High Quality Cloth at the High Quality Workbench using ten Wool. Crafting High Quality Cloth

Now equipped with the knowledge of these methods, you can efficiently gather High Quality Cloth to elevate your crafting capabilities in Palworld. Happy exploring!

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