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Wumpo, an Ice-type Pal, excels in handwork, lumbering, and transportation tasks in Palworld. Its versatility, particularly in transporting and lumbering, is noteworthy, significantly boosting the player’s maximum carrying capacity when included in the team. Additionally, it serves as an effective counter against Dragon-type Pals and proves to be a reliable exploration companion. Now, let’s delve into acquiring and breeding Wumpo in Palworld.

Where To Find Wumpo in Palworld

Wumpo inhabits icy regions within Palworld, commonly sighted around Unthawable Lake, Pristine Snowfield, PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance, and Land of Absolute Zero. Traveling to these locales increases the likelihood of encountering one; however, note that most Wumpos are above level 25, necessitating high-level Pals for capture. Nightwing and Bushi emerge as viable options to counter Wumpo due to its vulnerability to Fire-type Pals.

How To Breed Wumpo in Palworld

Below are some straightforward breeding combinations for breeding Wumpo at the Breeding Farm.

1. Mossanda+ Cinnamoth

This combination stands out as the simplest method to breed Wumpo in Palworld. My first Wumpo was bred using this combination. Mossanda can be caught around Verdant Brook and near Frostbound Mountains, while Cinnamoths are plentiful in Monless Shore. Both are relatively easy to capture with high-level Pals in your team. I managed to breed a Wumpo within approximately an hour of gameplay.

2. Penking+Sweepa

Although Penking is exclusively found in Southern Sanctuary, you can swiftly breed one using Cinnamoth and Surfent or Cinnamoth and Elphidran. A Sweepa can be encountered as a Field Alpha Boss near the Small Cove fast travel point or easily captured near Twilight Dunes. Hence, Penking and Sweepa present another effective combination for breeding Wumpo.

3. Mossanda+ Azurobe

Another straightforward combo to breed Wumpo is Mossanda+ Azurobe. The challenge lies in acquiring Azurobe, as they are exclusive to Southern Sanctuary. However, swiftly obtaining an Azurobe is possible using Penking and Cinnamoth, as discussed earlier.

Wumpo’s level 4 transporting abilities render it highly beneficial. When faced with numerous materials requiring collection and storage throughout the base, deploying one or two Wumpos swiftly resolves the task. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Wumpo serves as an excellent exploration companion. Therefore, breeding or capturing a Wumpo is advisable once you reach the mid-game stage.

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