Palworld: How To Get Ancient Technology Points

Start on a vibrant adventure in Palworld, where the survival genre intertwines with captivating monster-collecting mechanics. To enhance your exploration, acquire advanced tools such as lanterns, grappling hooks, and expanded food inventory slots. Unlocking and upgrading these tools may take time, but Ancient Technology Points hold the key to your progress.

What Is The Ancient Technology?

The Ancient Technology comprises blueprints enabling the crafting of forgotten devices crucial for your journey. These include incubators, grappling hooks, special inventory slots, and even combat weapons.

Character in Palworld after earning one Ancient Technology Point

How To Get Ancient Technology Points

To acquire Ancient Technology Points, you must defeat the bosses present in Palworld. Bosses fall into two categories: Tower Bosses and Alpha Bosses.

Alpha Bosses

Defeat these stronger versions of Pals found in the wild. Each victory rewards you with one to five Ancient Technology Points.

Alpha BossCoordinatesLevel
… (and more)

Major Bosses

These bosses are found in specific towers across the Palworld map. Each boss awards Ancient Technology Points.

Boss & CompanionLocation
Zoe & GrizzboltRayne Syndicate Tower (111, -432)
Lily & LyleenFree Pal Alliance Tower (181, 29)
Axel & OrserkEternal Pyre Tower (-587, -517)
Marcus & FalerisPIDF Tower (556, 336)
Victor & ShadowbeakPAL Genetic Research Unit Tower (-146, 448)
Palworld Map marking several boss locations

How To Use The Ancient Technology Points

Utilize your Ancient Technology Points to unlock blueprints in the Technology tab of the main menu. Here’s a glimpse of the available devices:

DeviceLevel RequiredAmount Of Points To Unlock
Egg Incubator (Steam version only)71
Statue Of Power (Xbox version only)81
Small Feed Bag101
Grappling Gun121
Pal Essence Condenser142
… (and more)

Equip yourself with cutting-edge technology, unlocking a world of possibilities in Palworld!

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