Palworld: How to Find & Catch Mozzarina

Start on the exciting journey of Palworld as you seek out Mozzarina, a Neutral-type Pal with exceptional farming capabilities. Learn where to find and catch Mozzarina, unraveling its significance in your base-building endeavors.

Where to Find & Catch Mozzarina in Palworld

Mozzarina, a valuable addition to your Paldeck, can be found in a spacious habitat located left of the map’s center. Its primary skill, level 1 Farming, may seem modest, but the drops it provides make it indispensable. Mozzarina’s Farming skill yields Milk at the Ranch facility, a crucial ingredient for crafting various meals and facilitating Pal breeding.

Mozzarina habitat in Palworld

Mozzarina’s habitat remains consistent day and night, granting flexibility in your search. Encountering it during the night offers a unique advantage, catching the Pal off guard while it sleeps.

Mozzarina Skills & Work Suitability

Mozzarina paldeck in Palworld

Despite having only one work skill—Farming—Mozzarina becomes an invaluable asset in your base. The Ranch facility transforms Mozzarina into a milk-producing powerhouse. Milk, a versatile resource, serves as a key ingredient for crafting meals and nurturing fusion Pals.

Incorporate Mozzarina strategically into your base operations, ensuring a steady supply of Milk as you explore the vast wonders of Palworld.

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