Palworld: How To Find and Catch Reptyro

Palworld enthusiasts striving to optimize their base and elevate their production line should set their sights on acquiring Reptyro. With its formidable dual Fire and Ground type, this Pal boasts exceptional combat skills, making it a top-tier choice. Furthermore, its Partner Skill positions it as an unparalleled mount for mining ores, complemented by high-level Kindling and Mining perks, making it an indispensable asset in relevant industries.

Where To Find Reptyro

Start the quest to find Reptyro demands strategic preparation due to the challenges associated with its high effectiveness. The creature’s burning habitat and elevated level necessitate players to gear up adequately before undertaking the journey.

To locate Reptyro in Palworld, head to the southwestern part of the game world and venture into the Volcanic Regions. The creatures inhabit the eastern part of this fiery region, observable upon crossing the water surface. Ensure you are well-prepared by securing a flying mount, as traversing the volcanic terrain without wings poses a significant challenge. Additionally, don heat-resistant clothing like the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to withstand the scorching environment, as wearing inadequate attire could lead to an untimely demise.

How To Catch Reptyro

As you explore the eastern half of the Volcanic region, Reptyros will become evident. Exercise caution, as they may roam solo or in pairs, presenting potentially overwhelming encounters. With an average level ranging from 30-35, ensure your strength matches this formidable Pal.

To catch Reptyro, align the strength of your pet and weapons with its level, considering its vulnerability to Water Attacks. Strive to reduce its health to a minimum without causing demise. Employ Hyper or Ultra Spheres for the capture, as weaker orbs significantly diminish the chances of success.

Reptyro’s Abilities

While Reptyro excels in combat, its true value lies in its role as an assistant or worker. Utilize this creature as a superior mount, leveraging its Ore-Loving Beast Partner Skill to enhance ore mining efficiency. The high-level perks, including Kindling Lv3 for fire maintenance and Mining Perk Lv3 for unparalleled mining prowess, establish Reptyro as a pivotal asset in your base.

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