Palworld: How to Find and Catch Foxcicle

Start an exciting journey in Palworld as you seek to capture the elusive Foxcicle, a powerful Ice element Pal with the unique ability to enhance the attack levels of its companions. This guide will navigate you through the cold regions of Palworld, revealing the secrets of finding and successfully capturing Foxcicle.

How to Find Foxcicle

Foxcicle stands among the A-Tier Pals in Palworld, making it a sought-after creature for players. Located in the cold region of Palworld, particularly in the northeast of the Tower of Free Pal Alliance on Palpagos Island (northern part of the map), Foxcicle roams freely. To locate and capture this exceptional Pal, be prepared for a thorough exploration of the designated region.

Given the frigid atmosphere, players must equip themselves with cold-resistant armor to withstand the freezing conditions. Unlike some Pals, Foxcicle isn’t exclusive to the night, so players can encounter it both during the day and night.

How to Capture Foxcicle

Capturing Foxcicle poses a challenge, demanding players to deploy high-level and formidable Pals in their team. As an Ice element Pal, Foxcicle is vulnerable to Fire element attacks. Strategically choose Fire element Pals such as Kitsun, Suzaku, Bushi, and more to maximize your chances of capturing Foxcicle. Exercise caution not to inadvertently knock it out before initiating the capture.

During the confrontation, Foxcicle exhibits formidable moves, including ice missiles, crystal breath, and blizzard spikes. Evade these attacks to avoid getting caught in the freeze. Engage in persistent attacks until Foxcicle is sufficiently weakened. When you judge it’s the right moment, utilize a high-level Pal Sphere to secure your victory and add Foxcicle to your Pal collection.

Start on this thrilling adventure, armed with the knowledge of Foxcicle’s habitat and capture strategies, and make your mark in the captivating world of Palworld.

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