Palworld: How to Find and Catch Depresso

Palworld boasts a diverse array of Pals, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Among them, Depresso, a Dark Element Pal, emerges as a valuable companion that excels in Handiwork, Mining, and Transporting. This nocturnal creature can prove indispensable around your base and become a formidable ally in battles. To fully harness its potential, it’s crucial to know where to find and catch Depresso and understand its remarkable abilities.

Where to Find and Catch Depresso

Depresso, along with other Nocturnal Pals, appears predominantly at night in various early-game locations. The creature often frequents islands near player spawn points, making them relatively easy to track down in the initial stages of the game. For those starting near the Plateau of Beginnings, waiting for nightfall and exploring the area near the Rayne Syndicate Tower is a surefire way to encounter Depresso.

Despite being an early-game Pal with a low level, Depresso’s ranged Dark Element Attacks can be potent against Pals with the Neutral Element. Players should be prepared for a straightforward fight to catch this elusive creature.

Depresso’s Abilities

Depresso Paldeck

Depresso proves to be a versatile companion, excelling both around the base and in battles. Its abilities include:

  • Handiwork 1: Proficient in crafting and generating resources.
  • Mining 1: Adept at extracting valuable materials.
  • Transporting 1: Capable of efficiently transporting items.

While its Work Suitabilities are at level 1, Depresso remains a valuable ally during the early and mid-game stages. In battles, its Dark Element is particularly effective against Neutral Element Pals. Additionally, its Partner Skill, “Caffeine Inoculation,” provides a speed boost by consuming energy drinks, making it handy in encounters with fast opponents.

As your roster of Pals expands, Depresso’s utility may diminish, but it can still fill a niche on your battle team, especially when confronting formidable Neutral Element enemies. With Dark Element attacks in its repertoire, alongside Sand Blast and Ice Missile, Depresso maintains its versatility in battles.

Embrace the nocturnal allure of Depresso, and let its unique abilities enhance both your base operations and combat strategies in the captivating world of Palworld.

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