Palworld: How to Find and Catch Astegon

Embark on a thrilling journey in Palworld as you seek to capture the elusive and powerful Astegon, an S-tier Pal with unique Dark Dragon abilities. This comprehensive guide unveils the locations where Astegon can be found and provides invaluable tips on successfully capturing this exceptional Pal.

Palworld Astegon

Where to Find Astegon


Astegon, a Dark Dragon-type Pal with Black Ankylosaur partner skills, is a rare find in Palworld. To locate Astegon, explore the following regions:

  1. Destroyed Mineshaft
  • Located in the Volcanic region, southwest of the map.
  • Entrance coordinates: -576, 421.
  1. No 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Situated at the west edge of the map.
  • Accessible by Fast Traveling or using a flying Pal.

How to Catch Astegon


Capturing Astegon requires strategic planning and effective use of Pal Spheres. Follow these steps to successfully catch Astegon:

  1. Weaken Astegon in Battle
  • Engage Astegon in battle and weaken it.
  • Astegon can unleash powerful attacks, including Dragon Cannons.
  1. Choose Element Type Pals
  • Leverage Element type Pals during the battle.
  • Astegon is a Dark/Dragon-type Pal, weak to the Ice element.
  1. Avoid Neutral-type Pals
  • When selecting Pals for battle, avoid using Neutral-type ones.
  • Focus on Pals with Elemental advantages.
  1. Throw High-level Pal Sphere
  • Once Astegon is sufficiently weakened, throw a high-level Pal Sphere.
  • Wait for the Pal Sphere to capture Astegon.

Master the art of capturing Astegon, and harness its incredible abilities to enhance your Palworld experience. May your journey be filled with success as you build a formidable team of Pals!

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