Palworld: How to Find and Capture Kitsun

Paldeck completion is a key objective in Palworld, requiring players to capture a variety of Pals. Among these creatures, Kitsun, a rare Fire element Pal, poses a unique challenge due to its scarcity. This fox-like Pal with white fur and light blue accents is not only a sight to behold but also a valuable addition to your Paldeck.

How to Find Kitsun

Kitsun Location

Kitsun, an SS tier Pal, resides in the northeast region of the map, accessible from the Tower of Free Pal Alliance. Here are the key details for finding Kitsun:

  • Night-Exclusive Appearance: Kitsun appears exclusively at night, so players should wait for sunset to witness its presence.
  • Cold-Resistant Armor: The areas where Kitsun resides are among the coldest on the map. Equip Cold-Resistant armor to protect yourself from cold damage during your search.
  • Thorough Exploration: As a rare Pal, Kitsun might require thorough exploration of the designated area. Be patient and diligent in your search.
  • Egg Hatching: Alternatively, Kitsun can be obtained through egg hatching. Opt for Scorching Eggs, as they offer higher probabilities of hatching Fire-type Pals.

How to Capture Kitsun

How to Beat Kitsun

Capturing Kitsun requires strategic planning and preparation due to its powerful nature. Follow these steps for a successful capture:

  • Recommended Level: Ensure you are at a high level, preferably level 25, before engaging in battle with Kitsun.
  • Element Advantage: Fire Element Pals are weak to Water Element Pals. Utilize Water Element Pals during the battle for an advantage.
  • Attack Awareness: Kitsun can unleash various attacks, including Ignis Blasts, Spirit Fire, and Flare Storms. Dodge effectively and weaken Kitsun during the battle.
  • Pal Sphere Capture: Once Kitsun is sufficiently weakened, throw a high-level Pal Sphere to capture it successfully.
  • Avoid Ice Element Pals: During the battle, avoid using Ice Element Pals, as they are not effective against Kitsun.

Recommended Pals for the battle include Relaxaurus, Azurobe, and Kelpsea. Be strategic, stay vigilant, and embark on the quest to capture the elusive Kitsun for your Paldeck completion. May your journey in Palworld be filled with successful captures and exciting discoveries!

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