Palworld | How to Disassemble Crafted Items

Resources are plentiful in Palworld, but understanding how to dismantle old builds for materials is crucial. Let’s delve into how to deconstruct old items and repurpose them into something new.

How to Destroy Builds in Palworld

To begin disassembling objects and retrieving their resources, you must first bring up the Build Menu. Press D-Pad Up on the Controller or B on the Keyboard to access it. Once in the Build Menu, click R3 on your Controller or C on your Keyboard to enter the Disassembly menu. Approach the object you wish to either relocate or dispose of, and commence its destruction.

When you dismantle items in Palworld, you receive a full refund of all the resources invested in the item, so there’s no need to fear penalties or losses. In fact, dismantling items is presently the most efficient (and sole) method to rearrange items or relocate to establish a proper base.

Since you cannot physically relocate objects, dismantling becomes the simplest way to start moving your possessions to a new location. While Palworld is in Early Access, there’s a possibility that the option to physically move objects will be added in the future. For now, however, we must rely on our more destructive tendencies to get the job done. It’s unfortunate to watch something you’ve painstakingly crafted be destroyed in moments, but survival demands such sacrifices.

Check out our guide on How to Move and Destroy Structures in Palworld for detailed instructions on moving and destroying structures in the game.

How to Cancel While Building

If you initiate construction in Palworld and decide against it or prefer a different location, you can swiftly cancel the build by holding C on your keyboard or B on the controller. This halts the construction process and transfers all the item’s resources to your character’s inventory. You can then utilize these resources to construct the item elsewhere or abandon the construction altogether.

Tip: If you’re transferring resources from one base to another to construct a specific item, set up the item to be built at your initial base. Then, swiftly cancel or dismantle the item to transfer all its resources to your inventory. This is a rapid method to gather the precise resources needed for constructing the item elsewhere without searching through chests or containers.

Can You Disassemble Weapons in Palworld?

No, you cannot disassemble a crafted weapon and reclaim its resources in Palworld. Once a weapon is crafted, the resources used to make it are permanently consumed. This differs from structures, which can be disassembled to retrieve their resources.

However, you can “delete” unwanted weapons or tools. If you wish to discard a broken Pickaxe without repairing it, open your inventory, select the item, and drag it to the “Discard” box represented by a trash barrel icon. You’ll receive a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to discard the item. Click “Confirm,” and the item will vanish from your inventory.

As Palworld evolves, stay tuned to our Palworld section below for more tips and tricks about the game. Whether you’re looking to play on the go with your Steam Deck or simply want to explore more about the world, we’ve got you covered.

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