Palworld: How To Defeat The Verdash Alpha Boss

Palworld, a realm teeming with enigmatic creatures known as Pals, introduces players to a challenging world where survival often hinges on confronting powerful adversaries. Among these formidable foes, Verdash, a swift and menacing Grass-type monkey, stands out as one of the most potent Alpha Bosses. Preparing for this encounter is crucial, and we’ve got you covered with all the essential details.

(Note: Palworld is currently in Early Access, and content may be subject to change. Regular updates to our articles will reflect any alterations.)

Where To Find Verdash

Verdash Location

Located near the Verdant Brook teleport statue, Verdash awaits brave adventurers inside the Sealed Realm Of The Swift. The specific coordinates are 286,10. Upon arrival, enter the portal to initiate the challenging encounter.

Verdash – Gale Of The Forest

Verdash's Paldeck
Verdash35GrassGrassland Speedster: Increases player’s movement speed and applies Grass damage to attacks.Grass Tornado, Stone Blast, Seed Machinegun

How To Beat Verdash

Verdash unleashes swift and powerful attacks, demanding careful preparation for a successful encounter. Here’s a breakdown of its moves and strategies to emerge victorious:

  1. Grass Tornado: A pair of green whirlwinds inflicting continuous Grass-type damage. Dodge carefully to avoid being ensnared.
  2. Stone Blast: Verdash hurls a giant boulder, potentially causing severe Ground-type damage. Evade to minimize impact.
  3. Seed Machinegun: Releases a volley of grassy bullets, dealing significant damage. Maintain mobility to dodge effectively.

Recommended Equipment

Equip a Fire Crossbow for bonus damage, or opt for a Musket or Handgun if available, as bullets prove more effective than arrows in this battle.

Rewards for Success

Victory over Verdash yields valuable rewards:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Precious Pelt
  • Leather
  • Bones

Prepare yourself for this challenging encounter, and may your journey in Palworld be filled with triumphs and treasures!

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