Palworld: How to Cure the Depressed Status

Palworld offers a diverse collection of unique Pals that play a crucial role in your resource factories. However, these pocket friends are susceptible to getting sick and even experiencing a state of depression. When your Pals are Depressed, they resemble Depresso, tire faster, and work at a slower pace. It’s imperative for players to understand how to cure this serious condition in Palworld.

How To Cure the Depressed Status in Palworld

Recognizing the Severity

At first glance, Depressed may seem akin to Injury or Hunger statuses. In reality, it’s a more critical condition, making it challenging to cure. Fortunately, there’s a specific method in the game to address this issue.

High Grade Medical Supplies: The Solution

Depressed is one of the most severe statuses your Pals can face, directly tied to their reduced Sanity. Caution is advised when utilizing them in production to prevent this condition. If a vital Pal falls into a Depressed status, there’s only one effective cure: High Grade Medical Supplies.

Crafting High Grade Medical Supplies

To craft this crucial item, players must reach level 12 in the Technology tree and unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench. Constructing this workbench requires the following resources:

  • 2 Wood
  • 5 Nails
  • 10 Paldium Fragments

Gathering Resources

With the Medieval Medicine Workbench in place, players can collect various resources to craft High Grade Medical Supplies:

  • 5 Ingots (obtained by smelting ore in the Furnace)
  • 5 Horns (dropped by various Pals with horns)
  • 2 Bones (obtained as a drop from various Pals, such as Gorirat)

Administering the Cure

Once the High Grade Medical Supplies are crafted, approach the Depressed Pal and feed them the medicine. If the Depressed Pal is part of your party, open your inventory and select the recipient for the Medical Supplies. Notably, curing the Depressed status is only possible if the Pal is not left in the Palbox.

That wraps up the essential information on how to cure the Depressed status in Palworld. Ensure your pocket monsters stay happy and healthy by crafting and administering the necessary medicine.

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