Palworld: How to Catch Humans

Palworld, the captivating world where players explore the possibilities beyond traditional monster-catching games, offers a unique twist — the ability to catch humans. While this may raise ethical questions, Palworld embraces a more liberated approach to gameplay. If you’re curious about integrating humans into your collection, here’s a guide on how to catch and employ them effectively.

How to Catch Humans in Palworld

Humans in Palworld

Catching humans in Palworld shares similarities with capturing Pals, but the process may demand more time and effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding humans to your team:

  1. Locate Your Target NPC:
  • Identify an NPC you wish to add to your team.
  1. Initiate a Battle:
  • Engage in combat with the chosen NPC, reducing their health to the minimum. This step is crucial as the chance of capturing humans is notably low.
  1. Use Pal Spheres:
  • Deploy one of your Pal Spheres in an attempt to capture the weakened human.
  1. Persistency is Key:
  • If the human escapes the sphere, inflict more damage and repeat the capturing process. This may take considerable time.
  • Beware of PIDF Guards joining the battle, posing an additional challenge.
  1. Success Confirmation:
  • Upon successful capture, a message will notify you of your inhumane action on Palpagos Island.

What to Do With Caught Humans in Palworld

Humans in Palworld

The humans you capture can serve various roles, mirroring the capabilities of Pals:

  • Team Members:
  • Add them to your team for hunting expeditions.
  • Resource Gathering:
  • Deploy captured humans to mine resources or work in your factories.

However, humane treatment reaches its limit, and players can opt for profit-driven or darkly amusing actions:

  • Sell for Gold:
  • Like other Pals, sell captured humans for Gold.
  • Butcher for Rewards:
  • Use the Butcher Knife to extract Gold and Ammo by butchering captured humans.

In Palworld, the choice is yours — a path of ethical engagement or a more profit-driven, morally ambiguous journey. Embrace the freedom to play the game your way!

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