Palworld | How to build a Flame Cauldron

Building and crafting are integral aspects of Palworld, contributing significantly to the overall gaming experience. As you progress in leveling both your base and character, the range of things you can create expands. One notable item you can craft is the Flame Cauldron.

Unlike many other game elements, the Flame Cauldron seems to be causing confusion among players regarding its location in the menu. If you find yourself in this situation, this guide is here to assist you in building the Flame Cauldron in Palworld.

Palworld: How to build a Flame Cauldron

  1. Purchase from the Technology Tree:
    After acquiring the Flame Cauldron from the technology tree, proceed to your workbench to craft it. However, you might not find it immediately.
  2. Check the Building Menu:
    Look through the production section of your building menu, but it might not be there either. If you’re in the building radial menu, you’re on the right track but in the wrong section. Surprisingly, the Flame Cauldron is located in the Other category, found on the far right side of the menu. Once located and provided you have the necessary resources, the cauldron becomes yours.

The Flame Cauldron Bug

After construction, the Flame Cauldron is designed to light up automatically. Some players, however, report issues where it fails to illuminate. If this happens, try using a Pal with Kindling capabilities to trigger the ignition. If the problem persists, waiting or attempting later might be the only solution, as there is no fix available at the time of writing this guide.

Do I need a Flame Cauldron?

If you are frequently involved in crafting high-quality gear and preparing food, having a Flame Cauldron is advisable. Despite its cost of 20 Flame Organs, 100 Wood, and 50 Ingot, the Cauldron significantly speeds up ingot creation, cooking, and other tasks it handles. Additionally, Pals with the Kindling passive experience enhanced Kindling speed in your base, making the investment worthwhile in the long run.

While the Flame Cauldron is relatively straightforward, certain elements in Palworld, such as stairs, can be a bit challenging. If you want to tackle stairs placement, you can refer to this guide for assistance.

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