Palworld: How To Build A Bed

Palworld offers a multitude of structures and items to enhance your base, gather resources, and aid your Pals. Among these creations, the Bed serves as a vital element, allowing you to rest during the evening or seek refuge from the cold. However, placing a Bed requires some considerations. This guide walks you through the process, from unlocking the Bed to gathering materials and placing it correctly.

How To Unlock A Bed

To unlock the Shoddy Bed, reach Player Level Three by engaging in tasks that earn you experience. Fight enemies, collect resources, and explore to gain the required experience. Open your Inventory, navigate to the Technology tab, and unlock the Shoddy Bed.

Unlocking Bed

Required Materials To Make A Bed

Crafting a Shoddy Bed demands the following materials:

  • 20 Wood
  • 5 Fiber
  • 1 Wool

Materials and How To Obtain Them

  • Wood: Collect from the ground or by cutting down trees.
  • Fiber: Extract by breaking down trees with tools like axes or other weapons.
  • Wool: Acquire from defeated or captured enemies with Wool, such as Lamballs, commonly found around the Plateau of Beginnings.

How To Place A Bed

Placing Bed
  1. Foundation and Roof: Beds can’t be placed directly on the ground. Unlock the Wooden Structure Set by reaching Player Level Two. Build a Foundation, attach a Wall, and place a Roof over the Foundation.
  2. Bed Placement: From the Build menu, select a Bed, place it on the Foundation, and proceed to build it.
  3. Assistance from Pals: If Pals with the Handiwork Skill are present in your base, they’ll assist in the construction.

Pal Beds And Other Beds

Pal Bed
  1. Pal Bed: Craftable with 10 Wood and 5 Fiber. Can be placed on the ground or a Foundation, offering more flexibility compared to Beds.
  2. Unlocking More Beds: Gain access to various Beds and Pal Beds as you progress through Player Levels.

Bed Variations

Bed NamePlayer LevelMaterials
Straw Pal Bed310 Wood, 5 Fiber
Fluffy Pal Bed2410 Cloth, 30 Wood, 5 Nails, 10 Fiber
Fine Bed3010 Cloth, 50 Wood, 10 Nails, 20 Fiber
Large Pal Bed3610 High-Quality Cloth, 60 Wood, 20 Nails, 30 Fiber

Crafting a cozy space for rest is essential in Palworld. Follow these steps, gather the necessary materials, and create a haven for you and your Pals to recharge. Sweet dreams!

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