Palworld | Find and catch Relaxaurus (easily)

Ready to dive into the wild world of Relaxaurus, the deceivingly dopey yet ferocious Pal? Buckle up for some juicy details on this water-dragon dynamo and how to make it your trusty sidekick.

Relaxaurus Stats in Palworld

Let’s break down Relaxaurus’s rap sheet:

  • Elemental Type: WaterDragon
  • Potential Drops: High Quality Pal Oil, Ruby
  • Work Suitability: Watering Level 2, Transporting Level 1
  • Partner Skill: Hungry Missile — Picture this: riding Relaxaurus while it unleashes a barrage of rockets. Boom!
  • Food Level: 7 out of 10
  • Paldeck Entry: Don’t be fooled by its blasé vibe; Relaxaurus is a predator at heart, ready to devour anything in its sight.

Relaxaurus’s Missile Launcher

Quick tip: Before you witness Relaxaurus’s firepower, you need to unlock its Partner Skill. No free rides here! To unleash the Hungry Missile, reach level 44 and craft the Missile Launcher with 35 Polymer, 85 Paldium Fragment, 100 Ingot, and 100 Refined Ingot. Now that’s a DIY project worth tackling.

Relaxaurus Locations in Palworld

Curious where these towering titans roam? Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon are their playgrounds. No specific spawn points—just follow the hills and clearings. If you spot “Relaxaurus Lux” on your map, you’ve hit the jackpot. Keep an eye on the level 31 dungeon “Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon” for a shockingly good time.

How to Catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Buckle up, rookie, ’cause catching Relaxaurus ain’t a walk in the park. Water blasts, dragon shots, and a bad temper are their calling cards. Grass-type Pals like Dinossum or Ice-type Pals like Chillet are your go-to allies, but steer clear of Fire and Dark types—they’re on the menu. Once the battle’s heated up, toss a Pal Sphere their way. Feeling ambitious? Upgrade to Mega Spheres for a higher catch rate.

What is Relaxaurus Used For?

Wondering why you’d want this water dragon by your side? Well, Relaxaurus is a level two waterer with transport skills. Perfect for taking on Fire and Dark types, it’s also mountable for a rapid-fire attack with the right saddle. Capture or defeat one, and you’re in for a treat—High Quality Pal Oil for those late-game crafts and a chance at a shiny Ruby worth a pretty penny.

And there you have it, Palworld pioneers! Time to embark on your Relaxaurus adventure.

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