Palworld | Find and Catch Mozzarina (easily)

Howdy Palworld adventurers! Today, we’re on the Mozzarina trail – that’s right, the cow Pal with a taste for adventure. So, saddle up as I spill the beans on where to find, catch, breed, and even appreciate the stats of this four-legged wonder in Palworld!

Mozzarina Cow Location in Palworld

Picture this: Mozzarina herds lounging west of the Ravine Entrance, near the realms of the Swordmaster and Thunder Dragon. You can also spot them east of Ascetic Falls. This bustling region, home to Alpha Pals like Relaxaurus Lux and Broncherry Aqua, is a cow paradise. To reach this utopia, head northwest from the Rayne Syndicate Tower to the Ravine Entrance at coordinates (-64, -429). Mozzarina awaits, friends!

How to Catch Mozzarina in Palworld

Now, catching Mozzarina ain’t a walk in the park, but fear not, I’ve got the lowdown. Lower her health (levels 12 to 15, mostly) without knocking her out, then whip out your trusty Pal Sphere. Pro tip: upgrade your catch power using Lifmunk Effigies for an edge. I went all out with a Mega Sphere – a breeze compared to the regular one. Want a sure shot? Mega or Giga Spheres are your pals here.

And here’s a nugget – if the cowboy way isn’t your style, hit up the Pal Merchant at the Small Settlement. Mozzarina’s on sale for around 4,000 Gold Coins. Easy-peasy, right? Sell a few Pals you caught outside town, and you’re golden!

How to Breed Mozzarina in Palworld

Now, if Mozzarina’s playing hide and seek, consider the breeding route. Pair up Foxparks and Nitewing or try some other combos I’ve laid out in the table below. Craft a Breeding Farm, bake a cake (yes, a cake!), toss in your parent Pals, and voila – eggs in the breeding pen. Incubate those babies, and you’re on your way to a Mozzarina-filled base!

Breeding Combinations:

Parent 1Parent 2

Mozzarina Stats, Type, and Work Suitability in Palworld

Alright, let’s get nerdy. Mozzarina’s a neutral-type Pal, rockin’ level-one farming work suitability. What’s the buzz, you ask? Well, she’s got the Milk Maker skill – automatic milk production! Not a battlefield superstar, but if you’re into a steady milk supply for your culinary adventures, Mozzarina’s your gal.

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