Palworld | Developers Are Not worried about the drop in users

After setting numerous records on Steam, Palworld has recently observed a decline in active users on its servers. In response to this trend, the developers have chosen to address the issue through a social media post.

The Community Manager of Palworld, via a message posted on their X/Twitter account, disclosed that as of May 2023, they were uncertain whether the game could surpass 50,000 concurrent users. However, upon the game’s release on PC and Xbox, Palworld garnered millions of users, surpassing expectations. Despite experiencing a decrease in player numbers post-success, the studio remains unfazed, acknowledging that such fluctuations are typical for any game.

Recognizing the importance of consistent updates to maintain player engagement, the developers are diligently working on new content and Pals. This effort aims to entice fans back for what the Community Manager refers to as “round two.” Overall, PocketPair expresses confidence in their work and anticipates that future content updates for Palworld will reignite interest among fans.

In the interim, it’s worth noting that Palworld currently has 20 pieces of content excluded from the full game, which are likely to be included in forthcoming updates.

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