Palworld: Crafting the Fluffy Pal Bed

Once you’ve reached my age, the importance of a comfortable bed after a hard day’s work or night cannot be overstated. In Palworld, building a Fluffy Pal Bed is the key to providing your Pals with a cozy resting place. Let’s dive into the process of crafting this upgraded bed for your virtual companions.

Palworld: How to Build a Fluffy Pal Bed

One of the initial structures you’ll need in your base is the Straw Pal Bed. While not the most luxurious option, it aids in your Pals’ recovery, especially after defending your base from enemy raids. As your base expands and challenges intensify, upgrading to the Fluffy Pal Bed becomes essential.

Unlocked at level 24, these beds offer superior Health and Sanity recovery. Though the crafting materials for the Fluffy Pal Bed are not overly rare, reaching level 24 may take some time. Check out tips on leveling up fast in Palworld to ensure your Pals get a good night’s sleep. Here are the crafting materials for the Fluffy Pal Bed.

Fluffy Pal Bed Materials in Palworld

  • 10x Cloth: Obtain 2x Wool from Lamballs, either by capturing, defeating, or assigning them to a Ranch. Use a Workbench to craft a single Cloth.
  • 30x Wood: Harvest wood by chopping down trees.
  • 5x Nail: Unlock the Furnace, produce Ingots by offering Ore, and then use the Ingots at a Workbench to craft Nails.
  • 10x Fiber: Acquire by chopping down trees.

Replace all Straw Pal Beds with Fluffy ones at your earliest opportunity. Upgrading to the Fluffy Pal Beds becomes possible at level 34, where you can unlock the Large Pal Bed, specifically designed for larger Pals.

If you’re eager to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed quickly, explore ways to earn Technology Points fast in Palworld. Your Pals will appreciate the upgrade for a more restful sleep!

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