Palworld | Can You Breed Humans?

Hey there, fellow Palworld enthusiasts! Wondering if humans can hit it off in a breeding extravaganza within the game? Well, I dove into the depths to figure that out.

Can Humans Breed in Palworld?

So, here’s the scoop: unlike our adorable Pals with their clear gender tags for breeding shenanigans, humans in Palworld are a bit of an enigma. They don’t come with assigned genders. Decked out in mysterious black attire, hiding their faces, it’s all kept intentionally ambiguous. No Human Breeding feature for now, and it seems the developers are steering clear of that territory, at least for the time being. Maybe they’ll spice things up in future updates, who knows?

Now, let me break it down – you can’t throw two humans or mix a human with a Pal into the Breeding Farm blender. No mini Syndicate Thugs roaming around – imagine a toddler trying to wield a handgun; not a mental image I was prepared for. So, this feature isn’t on the table as of now. But hey, it’s early days, and Pocketpair might surprise us in the full release. Until then, brace yourself for potential mods that could turn Palworld into a human breeding playground.

Palworld’s cooking up a storm of features for the future, so keep tabs on our Palworld section below for the latest.

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