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When establishing a robust and automated infrastructure in Palworld, certain tasks necessitate assigning specific pals permanently. Transporting is among these critical tasks, alongside Planting, Watering, and Gathering. However, selecting the most suitable pals for each task is essential to efficiently progress in the game. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top pals for Transporting in Palworld.

5. Cattiva

At the game’s onset, Cattiva stands out as one of the most versatile pals available. While Lamballs are also present, Cattiva boasts four skills compared to Lamballs’ two. This versatility makes Cattiva an excellent choice for various tasks, including Transporting, Handiwork, Gathering, and Mining. Particularly in the early stages, having a pal proficient in mining tasks is invaluable, given the necessity for stones in constructing tools and equipment. Therefore, assigning a Cattiva as the initial pal at the base is advisable, as they excel in both Transporting and Mining and are readily captured in the starting area, Windswept Hills.

4. Tanzee

Tanzee, found in Windswept Hills as a low-level pal, is easily captured around the Grassy Behemoth Hill fast-travel location. With its versatility and proficiency in Planting, Handiwork, Gathering, Lumbering, and Transporting, Tanzee is an ideal companion to deploy at the base early in the game, especially considering the imperative to commence farming promptly.

3. Penking

As your game progresses and you unlock more technologies, the need for additional materials and work in the base becomes apparent. Penking, with its level 2 or higher skills in Transporting, Handiwork, Mining, Cooling, and Watering, emerges as a valuable asset during the mid-game phase. Although locating Penking in the southern Sanctuary presents a challenge, utilizing breeding combinations such as Cinnamoth and Surfent or Cinnamoth and Elphidran can expedite the process of acquiring Penking for your Pal Deck.

2. Anubis

Anubis, boasting level 4 Handiwork skills, level 3 Mining skills, and level 2 Transporting skills, is another versatile pal suited for various tasks in the base. While Anubis is initially encountered as a level 47 boss at Twilight Dunes, breeding combinations involving Bushi and Penking enable players to breed Anubis at their base. Penking and Anubis together form a formidable combination, particularly as you advance to higher levels in the game.

1. Wumpo

Wumpo, a level 4 Transporting pal, also possesses level 2 Handiwork and Cooling skills, along with level 3 Lumbering skills. Although capturing Wumpo requires some effort in grinding within icy areas on the map, it can be achieved through breeding combos such as Mossanda and Cinnamoth or Penking and Sweepa. However, based on personal experience, I found a combination of Anubis and Penking more preferable during the mid and end game phases due to their ability to cover a broader range of tasks and navigate obstructed areas more swiftly. Additionally, keeping Store Boxes near production buildings can significantly optimize the material Transporting process in Palworld.

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