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In Palworld, wood is a crucial resource for various structures, making Pals essential for lumbering. While many Pals can chop wood, selecting the most efficient one can optimize your resource gathering. Here’s a guide to finding the best lumbering Pal in Palworld.

List of Effective Lumbering Pals

For efficient woodcutting, prioritize Pals with Level 3 Lumbering in their work suitability stats. Here are some Pals with this capability:

  • Bushi
  • Warsect
  • Wumpo
  • Wumpo Botan

Among these, the Bushi field boss is the closest, located east of the initial player spawn area. Wumpo Botan and Warsect are also in the same vicinity (No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary island), providing additional options. However, Wumpo, although effective, is situated in the northern frozen biomes, posing a challenge to catch without proper armor. Yet, it excels due to its high Transporting level, facilitating efficient wood transportation to storage.

Alternatives for a Lumbering Pal

If quantity is your priority, Pals with Level 1 or 2 Lumbering also prove useful, with more options available across the map. Some accessible options include:

  • Lifmunk (Level 1 Lumbering)
  • Tanzee (Level 1 Lumbering)
  • Eikthyrdeer (Level 2 Lumbering)
  • Dinossom (Level 2 Lumbering)

These Pals can perform lumbering tasks efficiently and are easily obtainable, with some found near the starting area.

Upgrading Lumbering Pals

If you only have Level 1 or Level 2 Lumbering Pals, you can upgrade their work suitability using the Pal Essence Condenser, which increases their suitability by one level. However, since the Pal Essence Condenser can be costly, it’s advisable to use it sparingly until you acquire Level 3 Lumbering Pals. Consider conserving resources for the Pal Essence Condenser until then. Additionally, selecting Pals with multiple work suitabilities, like Wumpo, can maximize efficiency.

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