Palworld | Best Chest Farming Routes

Chests serve as a convenient method to accumulate Gold, Pal Souls, Schematics, Accessories, and even Technology Points in Palworld. Read on to explore where to locate chests in Palworld, including three of the most optimal and effective farming routes.

Best Chest Farming Routes in Palworld

Plateau of Beginnings Chest Farming Route

When starting a new character, there’s a viable chest farming route at the small ruins area behind the Plateau of Beginnings fast travel point. You’ll need to thoroughly examine each corner of the area, as the chest spawns are quite random and not fixed.

In my experience, initially, there were no visible chest spawns in the area. However, upon revisiting the area the following day, I encountered three gold and purple chests (marked on the map photo above). Additionally, you may discover a random egg atop a pillar, so be sure to explore those areas as well.

Icy Weasle Hill Chest Farm Spot

This chest farming spot presents more risks than the Plateau of Beginnings, as the Pals in this area are generally higher in level. Furthermore, upon reaching the farming spot, you’ll encounter several human enemies, requiring you to act swiftly to loot the chests or eliminate the enemies with your party.

To access this area, teleport to the Icy Weasle Hill fast travel point (located just above the Alpha Boss Anubis). Proceed west from the Icy Weasle Hill with your best mount, such as the Frostallion Noct. Ascend to the top of the tower, where you’ll discover four random chests. You can revisit this area daily for subsequent farming.

Wildlife Sanctuary #1 Chest Farming Route

Commencing at Wildlife Sanctuary #1, you can venture to this area once you acquire a Nitewing and its saddle. This route stands out as one of the simplest and most advantageous for chest farming, yielding numerous uncommon to rare schematics, as well as a plethora of accessories and high-grade technical manuals that award technology points.

It’s important to note that not all locations indicated on the map will contain chest spawns. At times, treasure chests may not appear at all, necessitating you to sleep and advance to the following day to resume farming in the area.

Wildlife Sanctuary #1 remains my preferred area for chest farming, representing one of the finest chest farming routes in the game. I highly encourage you to explore it if you seek to obtain rare schematics early on in your journey.

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