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Breeding Pals in Palworld presents an excellent opportunity to enrich your Paldeck and bolster assistance at your base. Moreover, there are methods to acquire rare Pals early on.

Breeding in Palworld is a feature of considerable significance. While it demands some effort, the rewards justify the time invested. Establish a Breeding Farm and procure an Egg Incubator, ensuring you have Cake at your disposal, and you’re set.

The best breeding combinations in Palworld can grant you access to remarkably beneficial Pals far earlier than through conventional methods. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some standout combos.

Palworld best breeding combos

Prior to delving into Palworld’s finest breeding combinations, it’s essential to elucidate the criteria guiding our selections. We prioritize combinations where the parent Pals are readily available and the resultant Pal offers considerable utility or is challenging to obtain otherwise.

In essence, we seek combinations that don’t necessitate substantial progression in the game to initiate. Ideally, the parent Pals should be accessible with relative ease and from early stages. Additionally, the resulting Pal should possess qualities that surpass those of randomly encountered Pals in the game world.

With that clarification provided, let’s explore the Pals attainable through specific breeding combinations!

Anubis—Ragnahawk and Tombat

Ragnahawk and Tombat are readily obtainable Pals early in the game, with Tombat commonly found during nighttime on the central island and Ragnahawk frequently hatching from Large Scorching Eggs. Breeding these two yields Anubis—a Pal typically encountered in the wild at Level 50 through an Alpha Boss encounter.

Alternative combos for acquiring Anubis include:

  • Bushi and Penking
  • Chillet and Quivern

Astegon—Relaxaurus and Suzaku

Relaxaurus can often be found amidst the central island’s woods, while Suzaku roams near Duneshelter in the desert or can be hatched from Huge Scorching Eggs. Pairing these two results in Astegon—a Pal exclusively found in the wild within the northeastern Pal Sanctuary.

For alternative breeding options to obtain Astegon, consider these combinations:

  • Lyleen Noct and Cryolinx
  • Orserk and Helzephyr

Faleris—Vanwyrm and Anubis

Utilizing our recommended breeding combination to acquire Anubis, you can subsequently pair it with Vanwyrm—a Pal abundantly found around the volcano or hatched from Scorching Eggs. Breeding these two produces a Faleris egg, another Pal exclusively encountered in the wild within the northeastern Pal Sanctuary.

Outside the Sanctuary, Faleris is solely obtainable through breeding Vanwyrm and Anubis.

Grizzbolt—Mossanda and Rayhound

Mossanda is prevalent in the Bamboo Grove, while Rayhound can be encountered abundantly in the Breeding Pen situated in the Dessicated Desert’s northeast region. Pairing these two yields Grizzbolt—a Pal exclusively found in Pal Sanctuaries.

Similar to the previous entry, Grizzbolt becomes available solely through the specified pairing, with no alternative combinations available.

Kitsun—Rooby and Penking

Rooby, an early Fire Element Pal, is easily encountered in Palworld. While Foxparks may overshadow it due to its Flamethrower ability, Rooby proves invaluable when paired with Penking—an Alpha Boss encounter in the early stages. Breeding these two yields Kitsun, a Pal that eliminates concerns regarding hot or cold temperatures while riding.

Other pairs capable of producing Kitsun include:

  • Sweepa and Tanzee
  • Felbat and Bushi

Lyleen—Mossanda and Petallia

Mossanda, previously mentioned, is easily encountered in the Bamboo Grove, while Petallia can be found as a Level 28 Alpha Boss. When combined, they yield Lyleen—a Pal exclusively found in Pal Sanctuaries and renowned for its formidable Partner Skill that facilitates healing during battles.

No other pairs generate Lyleen when bred.

Menasting—Relaxaurus and Ice Reptyro

Relaxaurus frequents the central woods, while Ice Reptyro can be hatched from Frozen Eggs scattered throughout the terrain. Though acquiring this pair may require additional effort, breeding them yields Menasting—a highly sought-after Mining Pal typically found in Pal Sanctuaries or as an Alpha Boss encounter.

Alternate combinations for obtaining Menasting include:

  • Shadowbeak and Mossanda
  • Blazamut and Penking

Shadowbeak—Kitsun and Astegon

To acquire Kitsun and Astegon early, consider following our recommended combinations. Once obtained, promptly return the pair to the Breeding Pen for further breeding. This yields Shadowbeak—a Pal exclusively available in Pal Sanctuaries and revered for its Dark Element attributes.

Shadowbeak cannot be acquired through any other combination.

Warsect—Elizabee and Pyrin

Encounterable early on, Elizabee is commonly found alongside Beegardes, crucial for Honey production, while Pyrin’s abundance around the volcano or as a hatchling from Scorching Eggs facilitates its acquisition. Breeding these two yields Warsect—a Pal available solely through Alpha Boss encounters or within the western Pal Sanctuary.

Another breeding possibility for Warsect involves pairing Pyrin with a Reptyro.

Lunaris—Fuack and Celaray

Fuack and Celaray, though relatively basic individually, can be combined to yield Lunaris—a premier Neutral Element Pal. Fuack is plentiful at lower levels near Palworld’s spawn points, while Celaray frequents the beaches surrounding the central islands.

Obtaining Lunaris is also feasible through these combinations:

  • Rooby and Direhowl
  • Mozzarina and Bristla

Fenglope—Direhowl and Melpaca

By breeding Direhowl and Melpaca, you can obtain Fenglope. This combination is advantageous as it lays the groundwork for acquiring a mount upon reaching level 19 and unlocking breeding.

Fenglope can be found in the Falls Mineshaft, around -245, -430, as a Level 25 Field Alpha Boss. Breeding enables early discovery and utilization of Fenglope as a mount before reaching the required level.

While numerous other Pal combinations yield Fenglope, this pairing is practical due to the widespread availability of Direhowl and Melpaca. Direhowl can also be acquired from the Pal Merchant, whereas Melpaca is obtainable from the Black Marketeer.

For alternative breeding attempts to acquire Fenglope, consider these pairs:

  • Penking and Vixy
  • Cinnamoth and Lamball
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