Palworld | Axel and Orserk Location and How to Beat

Dealing with Axel and Orserk in Palworld? Oh, they’re a handful, no doubt. Let me spill the beans on their whereabouts and how to send them packing. It’s all about location, levels, weapons, and the right Pals by your side!

How to find and beat Axel and Orserk in Palworld (Map)

So, you’re on the Axel and Orserk quest, huh? Head to the southwest part of the map, and there they’ll be, causing a ruckus. Now, don’t waltz in unprepared. Level up to 40, grab your trusty Double Barreled Shotgun, and recruit a Pal packing Ground-type attacks. Trust me, you’re gonna need it.

Axel and Orserk’s location in Palworld

These troublemakers have set up camp in the Tower Of The Brothers Of The Eternal Pyre, right smack in the volcanic zone of the map. It’s that big tower in the central area, and if you’re into coordinates, it’s -588, -519. Now you know where to crash their party!

Best level to defeat Axel and Orserk

Here’s the lowdown on levels: Aim for 40, but if Axel and Orserk are giving you grief, push it to 46. By this point, you should have a squad of impressive Pals, killer gear, and weapons. Need a quick level-up hack? Hunt down those Alpha Pals, level 40 and above, in Dungeons or out in the wild.

Best weapon to defeat Axel and Orserk

When it comes to weaponry, the Double-barreled Shotgun is your golden ticket at level 39. Axel and Orserk love getting up close and personal, and this bad boy deals a world of hurt at close range. If you’re more of a long-distance fighter, the Single-shot Rifle is a solid pick. Remember, Axel’s the softer target, so aim for him!

Best Pals to defeat Axel and Orserk

Meet Orserk, the Electric-type Dragon Pal. What’s the secret sauce against him? Pals with Ground or Ice-type attacks. Frost Breath or Earth Impact skills will give Orserk a run for his money. Top contenders? Anubis, Ice Reptyro, and Foxcicle.

Anubis, the dodger with wicked Ground-type damage; Foxcicle, the Dragon defender with cool Ice damage; and Ice Reptyro, the all-rounder with both Ice and Ground attacks. Take your pick and show Axel and Orserk who’s boss!

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