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While I appreciate Palworld for its firearms and long-range weaponry, sometimes the scarcity of ammo necessitates a hands-on approach to deal with Pals and enemies. Here’s a ranking of all melee weapons in Palworld!

Best Melee weapons in Palworld

Below, you’ll find a list of the best melee weapons in Palworld, sorted based on their damage, utility, and crafting materials required. Even as you progress to higher levels, having a sharp blade or sturdy club in your inventory remains beneficial.

12. Wooden Club

Ideal for the early game, the Club efficiently dispatches low-level Pals like Lamball or Chikipi. For just five Wood, you can acquire a durable and dependable melee weapon to kickstart your journey.

11. Stone Axe

The Stone Axe serves both as a wood-chopping tool and a reliable weapon against low-level Pals. Craft it for five Stone and Wood each, providing a handy resource-gathering aid early on.

10. Bat

A beefier version of the Wooden Club, the Bat becomes available once you establish your Stone Pit and Logging Camp. Crafting it requires 10 Stone and 30 Wood, offering a substantial upgrade in damage output.

9. Stone Spear

Unlocked at level four, the Stone Spear allows you to maintain distance while dealing significant damage to enemies. Craft it for six Stone and 18 Wood, providing a versatile melee option early in the game.

8. Metal Axe

Upgrade from the Stone Axe to the Metal Axe to alleviate the hassle of frequent replacements. Although not as effective in combat as the Stone Spear, it doubles as a resource-gathering tool, offering enhanced durability and utility.

7. Refined Metal Axe

A durable wood-chopping tool with formidable combat capabilities, the Refined Metal Axe becomes indispensable in close-quarters combat. Unlock it at Level 34 for a versatile weapon well-suited for various situations.

6. Meat Cleaver

The Meat Cleaver excels in combat and resource gathering, making it ideal for both battle and butchering Pals or Humans for resource drops. Its solid durability and decent damage make it a versatile choice in Palworld.

5. Stun Baton

Electrify Pals and capture them swiftly with the Stun Baton, facilitating easier takedowns. Craft it at your High-Quality Workbench (Level 22) for 30 Ingots and 20 Electric Organs, enhancing your efficiency in capturing Pals.

4. Metal Spear

A durable and devastating weapon, the Metal Spear boasts high damage output, making it perfect for confronting high-level Pals and Thugs. Craft it using 27 Wood, 12 Stone, and 10 Ingots at your High-Quality Workbench.

3. Refined Metal Spear

Upgrade to the Refined Metal Spear at Level 34 for increased power and efficiency. Craft it using 3 Technology Points at the Production Assembly Line, delivering devastating blows to low and mid-level creatures.

2. Lily’s Spear

Lily’s Spear stands out as the ultimate pole melee weapon, offering incredible damage and exceptional reach. While the crafting requirements are substantial, its performance justifies the investment, making it indispensable in combat.

1. Sword

A formidable melee weapon, the Sword reigns supreme in Palworld with its unmatched damage output. Unlock it at Level 44 and craft it using 30 Refined Ingots, 20 Wood, and 20 Stone at all types of Crafting Workbenches, ensuring you’re always prepared for intense battles.

How to Craft Melee Weapons in Palworld

Refer to the table below for crafting details, including required level, materials, and production technology.

WeaponLevel RequiredMaterialsProduction Table
Bat730 Wood
10 Stone
Primitive Workbench
Lily’s Spear4050 Wood
20 Paldium Fragment
20 Ancient Civilization Parts
20 High Quality Cloth
30 Refined Ingot
Weapon Assembly Line
Meat Cleaver1220 Wood
5 Stone
5 Ingot
Primitive Workbench
Metal Axe1120 Wood
15 Stone
5 Ingot
High Quality Workbench
Metal Spear1327 Wood
12 Stone
10 Ingot
High Quality Workbench
Refined Metal Axe3440 Wood
30 Stone
10 Refined Ingot
Production Assembly Line
Refined Metal Spear3436 Wood
18 Stone
10 Refined Ingot
Production Assembly Line
Stone Axe15 Wood
5 Stone
Primitive Workbench
Stone Spear418 Wood
6 Stone
Primitive Workbench
Stun Baton2220 Electric Organ
20 Ingot
High Quality Workbench
Sword4420 Wood
20 Stone
30 Refined Ingot
High Quality Workbench
Wooden Club15 WoodPrimitive Workbench

These weapons ensure you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenges that await in Palworld!

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